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Occupational safety (OHS)

Statutory occupational health and safety training in accordance with current legislation.

§ Required by law

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Training is mandatory

According to Act No. 262/2006 Coll., every employer must provide training to all its employees.

60 minutes

Employees only need one hour to complete the training. Long validity period.

Aim of the training

The purpose of the training is to ensure a safe workplace in accordance with current legislation.

Training content

The OHS training includes 2 courses.
One for rank-and-file employees and one for managers.


The basic course for ordinary employees includes:

  • Why is occupational health and safety important?
  • What is OHS?
  • Labour code
  • Employee rights and obligations
  • Risks and measures
  • Electrical equipment, heaters and appliances
  • Electric shock risk
  • Ergonomics of working on a computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone
  • Manual handling of loads, correct lifting of loads
  • Danger of falling from height or into depth
  • Fire, explosion, what to do in case of fire?
  • Personal protective equipment (OOPP)
  • Safety signs and signals
  • First aid, first aid kits
  • Organisation of OSH security in your organisation
  • Categorization of works
  • Final test

Senior employees

The follow-up course for senior employees includes:

  • Duties of senior employees
  • Machinery and technical equipment
  • Work accidents
  • Extraordinary events
  • Obligations of the employer
  • Familiarisation of the new employee with the regulations
  • Processing and management of OHS and FP
  • Ensuring regular OHS and FP training
  • Provision of occupational health services
  • Provision of protective equipment (OOPP)
  • Workplace equipment with fire equipment
  • Installation of safety markings
  • Performing maintenance and revisions
  • Recording and reporting of accidents
  • Labour inspection
  • Final test

Senior employees must first complete a basic course for employees.

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Sample content

Course variants


  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia


  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • Romanian
  • Ukrainian
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Vietnamese

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