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Fire protection (FP)

Statutory fire protection training in accordance with current legislation.

§ Required by law

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Fire protection (FP)

Training is mandatory

According to Act No. 262/2006 Coll., every employer must provide training to all its employees.

45 minutes

It takes less than an hour for an employee to complete the training. Long validity period.

Aim of the training

The purpose of the training is to ensure a safe workplace in accordance with current legislation.

Training content

The FP training includes 2 courses.
One for rank-and-file employees and one for managers.


The basic course for ordinary employees includes:

  • What is fire protection and what are its objectives
  • Fire protection act
  • Obligations of citizens and employees
  • Fire solutions, hazards and risks
  • Principles for a safe workplace
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire disposal
  • Use of fire-fighting and technical means
  • Fire notification, alarm announcement, evacuation
  • First aid for fires
  • Familiarisation with the organisation and documentation of fire protection
  • When and where to call, emergency contacts
  • Final test

Senior employees

The follow-up course for senior employees includes:

  • Legal regulations, decrees and technical standards
  • Responsibilities of the head of staff and the organisation
  • Fire hazard assessment and levels
  • Employee training
  • Control activities
  • Complete list of FP documents
  • Prevention of major accidents
  • Fire protection units
  • Classification of dangerous substances and mixtures
  • Legal liability, fines, offences and compensation
  • Final test

Senior employees must first complete a basic course for employees.

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Sample content

Course variants


  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia


  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • Romanian
  • Ukrainian
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Vietnamese

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